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Razer Mamba – Chroma Ergonomic Gaming Mouse – Use Wired or Wireless with World’s Best 16,000 DPI Sensor

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  • Boasting the world's most precise 16,000 DPI gaming mouse sensor, the Razer Mamba provides you with unsurpassable accuracy, so you'll have an even greater edge over your competition
  • With its ability to track up to 1 DPI increments and a lift-off cut-off distance as precise as 0.1-millimeter, the Razer Mamba helps you to react while you skillfully maneuver your way to victory
  • The Razer Mamba's Hyperesponse buttons come with an adjustable click force mechanism which allows you to tweak them to your exact needs
  • Each lighting location is individually customizable, allowing you to have a variety of lighting effects and the full spectrum of 16.8 million colors for an impressive display
  • With inter-device color synchronization, your Razer Chroma enabled Razer gaming weapons will always go together perfectly

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chroma Lighting and where can I find out more about it?

Chroma by Razer represents more than just multicolor, it opens up limitless personalization options. Whether it’s your favorite shade of green or your guild colors, Chroma gives you the freedom to decide. It could be one, three or even thirty-seven colors, with a spectrum of visual effects featuring 16.8 million colors; the possibilities are whatever you can imagine.

If I have other Chroma enabled devices, can I sync the lighting effects with my Razer Mamba?

Yes you can. All Chroma enabled devices are equipped with inter-device color synchronization. With just one click of a button via Razer Synapse, your Razer Chroma enabled devices’ lighting effects will by synchronized. Note that the lighting effect you would like to sync has to be supported by both Razer Chroma devices individually.

Can I individually set the color for each LED of the Razer Mamba?

Yes, the LEDs of the Razer Mamba can be customized individually via the Advanced Chroma Configurator.

Does the Razer Mamba have Adjustable Click Force Technology?

Yes, the Razer Mamba has Adjustable Click Force Technology. Whether you prefer a lighter click or a fuller distinctive click, the Razer Mamba’s Hyperesponse right and left buttons come with an adjustable click force mechanism which allows you to tweak them to your exact need.

How do I adjust the DPI setting?

Out of the box you can make basic changes to the DPI of the Razer Mamba on the fly via the Sensitivity buttons located behind the scroll wheel. Once you have installed Razer Synapse, you will have access to more DPI options which you can configure to the Sensitivity buttons or other buttons of the mouse. The Razer Mamba is able to track 1 DPI increments with a lift-off cut-off distance as precise as 0.1 mm.

What is the maximum polling rate that I can get with the Razer Mamba?

Wired or wireless, the Razer Mamba delivers a maximum 1,000 Hz Ultrapolling rate, allowing you to enjoy peak performance at virtually zero latency. In wireless mode, this is achieved when using basic Chroma lighting effects and being in a low wireless interference environment.

If you have any trouble, please try the following troubleshooting tips.

- Ensure the sensor is clean by wiping it with a q-tip
- Plug the USB device into another port
- Test it on another computer
- Test the device on wired mode / wireless mode
- Uninstall and reinstall the device from the device manager
- Create a new profile within Razer Synapse and re-calibrate the surface.

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