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Sewing Scissors Set w/ Pinking Shear, Embroidery Shear & Fabric Shear – 1 Set – BambooMN

This sewing scissors set from BambooMN includes 1 fabric shear, 1 pinking shear, and 1 small embroidery shear. This set is a great addition to any collection of sewing supplies. The fabric shear is durable and sharp. Designed to cut fabric straight and effortlessly. They measure 9.25″. The pinking shear is great for cutting fabric as well. The unique blade gives a nice zig-zag cut pattern. The pinking shears measure 9″. Lastly, the embroidery shears are perfect for small detail work and intricate cuts. They are great for small pesky threads, and getting under tight loops. They measure 4.25″ long.SEWING SCISSORS SET Includes 1 pinking shear, 1 embroidery shear and 1 fabric shear
MULTI-PURPOSE AND VERSATILE Ideal for Fabric and crafts yet great for other home and office use
EXTREMELY SHARP AND STRONG blades for Clean Cuts and intricate detail work
HIGHEST QUALITY AVAILABLE The only scissor set you’ll ever need These scissors are higher quality and more durable than competitors They are also versatile and are great for all your cutting needs.
A GREAT ADDITION TO ANY SEWING COLLECTION and a great gift for that loved one that you know loves to sew!

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